Radiant Beings, Align Your Chakras (Ebook)

Radiant Beings, Align Your Chakras (Ebook)


This ebook is a quick and easy guide to center your energy through positive affirmations, crystals, and yoga poses. The gift of this ebook is how beginner-friendly it is. You do not need to have previous knowledge or in-depth knowledge of the chakra system. It is, also, a great refresher for those who have in-depth knowledge as well. It is a pure and simple reference for all to realign themselves. 


Chakras are wheels of energy within the human body. You will learn about the seven main chakras - root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown. Each chakra comes with a brief examplanation, 5 positive affirmations, 5 crystal suggestions, and 5 yoga poses to align and recenter the given chakra. 


This is an ebook for everyone! We are all made of energy, so you can easily tap into yours with the guidance of Radiant Beings, Align Your Chakras




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    Radiant Beings, Align Your Chakras is in PDF Format. If you have a problem downloading the document, please e-mail Posey directly at poseytheyogi@gmail.com. 

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