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About Me

M.S. in Mental Health Counseling


Usui Reiki Practitioner 

Certified Restorative Yoga Teacher

Certified Yin Yoga Teacher

Posey's yoga journey started when she was 16 years old. She started yoga to remain flexible during her athletic career. As the years went on yoga became much more than just the yoga poses: it became a way of life - on and off the mat. 

Posey passionately believes in the power of yoga to transform someone's life - physically, spiritually, & mentally. She strongly believes anyone can practice yoga. Yoga is for everyone - no matter your age, gender, race, size, athletic ability, etc. 

Posey loves teaching yoga to beginners to seasoned yogis. She genuinely loves sharing the practice of yoga with others. Posey believes everyone deserves to shine brightly & gain inner peace within themselves.


As a teacher, Posey creates an environment for her students to shine & reconnect with their inner beings in a judgment-free space. She is honored to help others reconnect with themselves through the power of yoga. 

In 2020, she released Radiant Beings, Align Your Chakras - an e-book about aligning your chakras (energy wheels) through affirmations, crystals, & yoga poses. 

Posey completed her 200-hour teacher training at Zeal Yoga in the Winter of 2017. Her teachers were Jessica Coyne and Jennifer Suereth. Posey completed her Reiki training at Embrace Yoga DC with Reiki Master, Jessica Mahler. Posey completed her 300-hour teacher training with Caroline Wyber in the winter of 2020. She completed her Restorative Yoga Teacher Training in August 2021 with Tara Lemerise.

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