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1-on-1 Mentorship for Yoga Teachers

Posey is passionate about assisting other yoga teachers on their teaching journey. As yoga teachers sometimes we feel a little lost, stuck, and unsure about teaching or some of the business side of things and that is normal. 

Having a 1-on-1 mentorship program gives you, the yoga teacher, a space to explore and evolve as a yoga teacher. Through this program, you will have time to organize your thought and collectively find ways to help you reach your individualized goals and needs. This program will aid in growth, but also to fall in love with your teaching style and career.


Posey is here to honor your 1-on-1 mentorship journey.  She will foster a space for you to explore your teaching with curiosity and joy. This is a personalized program between you and Posey. 

Mentorship has helped Posey grow and expand her own yoga teaching career and saw the benefits from 1-on-1 guidance - that is why she created this 1-on-1 Mentorship Program for Yoga Teachers.  

CEUs are provided for Yoga Alliance

What You Receive within This Program:

  • 1 Hour Goal Session: You and Posey will discuss what your strengths and challenges are and ways to address those during the mentorship program. We will map out a plan that fits your personalized needs, wants, and desires (goals) around teaching. 

  • Private Weekly Mentorship Calls: Weekly 1 hour sessions (virtually or in-person) with progress reviews and action steps to discover between sessions. 

  • Individualized Resources: Worksheets, exercises, and specific assigns that cater to your goals. 

Payment Plans are available without judgment. A part of accessibility is financial accessibility & Posey wants to make sure you are able to have access to this mentorship program. Please do not hesitate to ask about a payment plan. 

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