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Don't ignore; don't run; just embrace!

Don't ignore; don't run; just embrace it! When life hits you with your calling - do you run from it , do you ignore it, or do you embrace it? I chose to EMBRACE IT - the calling to become a full time yoga teacher. Of course I was scared, but I couldn't deprive myself this opportunity to grow. I wanted to live passionately.

I can't believe ONE year ago I finished my first weekend of yoga teacher training at Zeal Yoga Studio. It is absolutely incredible (if I may say so) what a difference in a year makes.

Cover Posey the Yogi designed for yoga teacher training

When I signed up for YTT I thought once I got certified I'd just teach on the weekends and still be in my 8-5 desk job. I never imagined being a full time yoga teacher or leaving my 8-5 job for yoga. Boy was I wrong (thank goodness!). I observed one of my first classes and it hit me - "THIS IS YOUR CALLING! EMBRACE IT." I remember that realization vividly.

All the students were in savasana, Amanda (one of the most amazing beings/teachers) was sitting at the front of the studio silently, and I started to stare at the Buddha with candles around the alter - I must have gone into a meditative state. I was staring into the candle flames and all of a sudden the words, "Being a yoga teacher is your calling. Don't ignore this. Don'r run away. Just embrace it" came streaming into my consciousness. I didn't ignore it. I didn't run away. I completely embraced it. It was first time in my life something spoke to me so clearly and loudly. How could I ignore that?!

THE Buddha Alter at Zeal Yoga

A week or so after, I told my fellow YTT Tribe and teachers (thank you for supporting this radical decision) that I plan on quitting my job AND moving back up to Maryland at the end of training. Changes needed to be made. I needed to dive into this chapter of my life - No tip toeing into the new chapter.

I graduated YTT in December 2017 and a week later I left my 8-5 job. I got certified a few weeks later. My yoga teacher journey started! I was at home in Palm Beach teaching at a CrossFit First Step for a little bit before heading up to Maryland (thank you CrossFit First Step for the support!). Then I packed up my car and moved to Annapolis, MD in February 2018. I started to teach at various studios around the area.

I am officially teaching 4 group classes weekly, teaching private lessons, and leading yoga workshops. I am grateful everyday I listened to my intuition.

Of course I was scared to take the plunge, but I didn't want to live the "what if" life or ignore my own gut reaction. I would've deprived myself and THAT would have been sinful. I couldn't do that to myself. I HAD to change my life because I was unhappy and unsatisfied. I made this change for myself nonnegotiable.

YTT weekend training beautiful chaos! Love this because this is seriously how our training room looked - books, mats, and props all over!

Will I be a full time yoga teacher in a year - who knows! But right now I am living my truth - my passion. Yes, there are times when I struggle, but it is ALL worth it because I am doing EXACTLY WHAT I NEED TO DO! I am TRULY LIVING! And THAT IS A BLESSING!

Are you truly living? What are YOUR passions and dreams? Are you pursuing them? Give yourself a chance to truly experience life and live! So many people don't - but I am here to encourage you to go after your dreams and live passionately! YOU DESERVE IT! Don't stand in your own way. You deserve to realize how incredible you are and how amazing life can be.

Don't ignore, don't run, just embrace!

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