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Welcome to the Radiant Being Reiki Healing Sessions

Posey is passionate about spiritual healing, and she doesn't stop at just yoga. She provides Reiki Healing, a powerful method that targets your energy. Posey provides a welcoming and safe space for you to harness and heal your own radiant energy. In each session, she taps into your energy, acting as a guide for its flow.

So, you might be wondering, what is Usui Reiki?

Usui Reiki is a wonderful practice that some people use for relaxation, while others use it as a springboard for spiritual growth. Its flexibility makes it a perfect fit for all sorts of personalities and aspirations. It's a spiritual practice system that fosters healing in your mental, emotional, and energetic layers. The practitioner accomplishes this by channeling the universal life force energy in harmony with its current vibration level. Specifically, by flowing this universal life force energy through your body, it's possible to dissolve residual information from past traumas, negative mental patterns, and influences of low vibration. This process allows pure and untouched energy to cleanse your structures, setting your physical, mental, and emotional bodies in a state of healing.

Reiki Healing sessions are offered at Yoga Path Palm Beach on Friday evenings, Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Book session below. 

Reiki Therapy
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