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What Yoga Students Say

Liz Ortiz

"Posey is the most genuine & down-to-earth yogi I know. I’ve tried yoga before, but not until I did her class did I ever feel as comfortable. She modifies everything for each individual by becoming very familiar with each & every one of us to know our backgrounds & helping us in practicing to our own abilities. We always practiced different strengths & with every class I was left wanting more. I enjoy her passion, knowledge, & love for yoga."

Tom Ervin

I was so nervous to try yoga because of my lack of mobility & being a big man. Well, that all changed after I went to my first yoga class with Posey. She was warm & comforting from the minute we started. It was amazing to see how she instructed those with experience & would quietly move in my direction to help me with no interruption. Needless to say, I fell in love with yoga & how it made me feel, but truly believe it was because of her kindness, peacefulness, & direction. Can't wait for my next class with Posey." 

Marissa Ruch

"Posey’s classes are so wonderful. She walks through each pose step by step & explains why the pose is significant to your overall practice. Posey also places such an emphasis on the spiritual aspect of yoga, rather than just focusing on physical movements. I always leave Posey’s classes feeling aligned both physically and spiritually.”

Kendall Davis

I adore taking classes led by Posey. She is attentive to her students’ needs and thoughtful in her class sequencing. She creates the perfect balance of hard work, relaxation, and self love every time. Posey has made yoga the highlight of my week. I wholeheartedly recommend deepening your yoga practice with her! "

Cassandra C

I am writing to express my heartfelt appreciation for Posey as a yoga teacher. Posey is one of those rare breeds of teachers who makes yoga not only a lifestyle but fun and relaxing at the same time. Her friendly and approachable personality makes me look forward to each class. I started in her Yin Restorative & Vinyasa slow-flow classes at Foundation Island Yoga; when she started there in the summer of 2018. I still enjoy each & every class. On occasion, she even teaches special workshops. One of the things I like the most about the way Posey teaches is that she takes the time to explain each pose and how it affects and benefits the body. What makes her class so wonderful is her gentle manner and wisdom too. She is knowledgeable, patient, and an excellent teacher! If you are looking for a great yoga teacher, I highly recommend Posey! Her creativity and enthusiasm set her apart from most yoga teachers. Posey is authentic in her interest and concern for the needs of each individual student and creates an inviting environment for learning, relaxation, and personal growth. Each class provides new learning on yoga postures, lovely inspirational readings for reflection while softening into each pose, and a golden opportunity to decompress and breathe deeply after a long workday. Posey is so lovely as a person and exceptionally talented and skilled as a teacher. I am grateful for the gift of learning from her.

Joe Kirby

Cannot say enough about how WONDERFUL Posey's classes are! She is always very welcoming and enthusiastic, and she also offers very thoughtfully (well-thought-out), meaningful and accessible insights into meditation and other pathways of reflection.  In other words, she goes beyond "just the asanas" (yoga poses) and serves as a natural guide to some of the rich "received wisdom" handed down over Yoga's 5,000+ year history.  Posey is a highly capable instructor, and her gentle, warm personality makes her just a great person to know!   Enjoy!

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